The Golden Dragon Cup is the successor of the "Belgian All Style Championship"(BASC).
The BASC used to be hosted by the "Belgian Kungfu Wushu Federation"(now called Belgian Wushu Federation), which was led by José Pollet.

When José Pollet resigned as President of the BKFWF, the BASC ceased to exist, to regret of a lot of former participants and fans of this highly renowned martial arts tournament. It was also one of the rare opportunities where many practitioners of different martial arts could compete against each other, in a sportive, competitive and respectful manner.

In 1998 the Kungfu Wushu school Long Hu Men decided to revive this tournament, but with a different name: "Golden Dragon Cup" and this time with the support of the Belgian Wushu Federation(BWF), the province of Vlaams-Brabant, and the city of Leuven.

We decided to open the tournament to other countries and so we labeled the tournament "Belgian Open All Martial Arts Tournament".
Both males and females, aged 18 years or older, are allowed to participate in this tournament.

What is an "All Martial Arts" tournament?

This type of tournament permits practitioners of different martial arts to compete against each other.
During past editions of the tournament, the following martial arts were represented:

Muay Thai
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu